Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blogging again.

I'm sorry I've been AWOL from blog land for almost 2 weeks but my poor PC has been infected by a rather nasty virus. It's still not 100% but I have brought home a laptop from work so at last I can post an update.

I have lots of new things to show you so I hope you'll bear with me on what might be quite a long post. Tell you what why don't you pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and I'll begin.

Mmmm - where to begin? I know, Mother's Day.

I decided to ask my (grown up) children to join me for a traditional tea for Mother's Day (and to bring my granddaughter too of course) You know it's been literally years since I made a really traditional Sunday tea, the type of tea that we had every Sunday when I was a child. I had forgotten how lovely it can be and it was fun making it, and using it as an excuse to use all my vintage tableware's. We had "seaside sandwiches" (so named by my youngest daughter because we always took these on picnics to the seaside. They are in fact an egg and tomato sandwich where the egg is boiled until it is just say hard boiled - still a little soft in the centre, peeled and mashed up together with peeled tomatoes.) Ham sandwiches were also on the menu, meringue nests with strawberries and cream, sausage rolls, bacon and cheese flan, caramel shortbread, tiffin, homemade chocolate cheese cake and cheese with cream crackers and tomato chilli jam. All washed down with a choice of either tea or elderflower cordial.

I've also managed a couple of car boot sales, would you like to see what I got?

Today at Hexham I got a lovely hand embroidered tablecloth, various sewing threads, a collection of buttons, a piece of vintage embroidery and a little lidded ceramic pot.

Last week at Hexham I got a selection of old tins - the one with the Queen and Princce Phillip on it was full of old buttons!
and ..

lots of fabric remnants including that gorgeous retro orange and yellow print - and none over 50p!


a fabulous pair of 70's curtains to add to my fabric stash,

but best of all this...

...lovely little bakelite pin box, a bargain at £1.

Also this weekend we have played hosts to our lovely friends Paul and Valerie who came down from Dunoon on Paul's motorbike.

I made this gorgeous Nigella recipe for Chocolate Guinness cake, I can highly recommend it, Paul has raved about it all weekend.
Image from

On Saturday we went for a run out on the motorbikes to Hawes. Dave and I have been to Hawes many times, but we have never visited Hardraw Force, a waterfall just outside of Hawes, before so we decided to go have a look. You can only get to the waterfall by going through the Green Dragon Inn and being rather hot and thirsty after riding through The Buttertubs Pass we felt it would have been rude not to partake in a glass of shandy before walking up to the waterfall.

Once in Hawes a leisurely stroll around the gift and antique shops was followed by tea and toasties, then a return ride  home through the lovely Swaledale countryside .

It's been beautiful weather this weekend and I've had a lovely time spent with good friends. I hope you have all had good weekends too,



  1. What a lot of lovely bargain's! I love the pin box. amazing waterfall!

  2. Posted comment without thinking what else I wanted to say! the main comment I wanted to make was about your lovely tea. It reminds me of the tea's I would have at my nan's house every Sunday. Must do one again soon....

  3. sounds like you have been having a good time - a lot of good bagains - I like Hexham - we stayed at Corbridge a couple of years back and went into Hexham - hope your grandaughter is now fully recovered

  4. I'm doing a tea like your's on Easter Sunday, because it's my Mum's birthday as well. When we moved into our house the kitchen wallpaper was the same as those brown curtains from the 70's, with orange cupboards and cork wall tiles. It didn't last long!!!!

  5. We are having a 'proper tea' for the Royal Wedding. After reading Lucey's post over at Lemonade Kitty, Im going to make a huge Jelly too. I have the latest Nigella cook book, not sure if this cake is in that one so I will have to look it up on the net. x

  6. Great to see Sunday tea reinstated. We do it every week, not on such a grand scale, and there are only us two duffers, but still, it's nice to make an effort. Sunday is a special day all round, no work just play/rest/good food.
    I love seeing all the bargains you thrifties buy at car boots and the like. Me, I haven't the patience never mind the spare brass!
    Lovely to be reminded of the waterfall too, thanks for the memories again.

  7. What a lovely tea, not had a tea like that ofr a long time. Beautiful waterfall x

  8. Sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend. We always had 'Sunday tea' when I was a child, usually involving boiled eggs and various cakes, plus my parents would always have the enormous teapot out. Antiques Roadshow was always starting just after. Who'd have thought now I have children I'd still be watching Antiques Roadshow! We very often have what my 6 year old, calls a 'pick your own' dinner on a Sunday too.

    I love your bootsale finds - mine have all been charity shop scores recently as I just don't seem to be able to get to a bootsale. Fab tin with the queen and I love the pin box too.

    That Nigella cake looks amazing - I think I've found my husband's next birthday cake!
    Lakota x

  9. Pleased you're all happy and healthy :o)

    There's been a 'bug' going round, i know of several people who's pc's have had one, including mine :(

    All your food looks scrumptious, your cake looks delicious, and your finds look gorgeous...'specially that pin tin :o)

    So pleased you had such a lovely weekend. Hope you have a great week too.

    Donna xxx

  10. Welcome back.

    What a lovely looking tea table. Those egg and tomato sandwiches sound lovely.

    Love your finds, especially the fabric.

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend ... :0)

  11. I love reading your blog. I was doing old fashioned sunday teas uptill 4 yrs ago, i like nothing better than a nice piece of Victoria sponge and a scone with jam and cream.
    Your photos are so good to, my hubby bought me a camera with anti shake on as my medication makes me shake. I havent tryed it out side yet but it dose work on my card photos.
    Im glad you have entered my blog candy. angiexx

  12. Good to see you back!

    Looks like you had a lovely tea. And those bargains look great!

    Lovely pics of the waterfall, reminds me of my years spent in the Republic of Yorkshire!



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