Monday, 29 November 2010

Creative Snow Day!

The view from the dining room window this morning.

Due to the weather today has been a work from home day!

Mortimer our big fluffy tom cat was very appreciative as this meant the fire was on and available to lounge in front of all day.
As you can see he made the most of the opportunity!

I have also gained over two hours travelling time, hurrah!!

Which has enabled me to prepare some chicken and vegetable pies from yesterday's leftovers.

Pie dishes filled with some of the leftover chicken and the leftover veg, moistened with the leftover gravy.

Topped with ready rolled all butter puff pastry and ready to be baked for this evening's meal.

I also had time to have a cooked breakfast and used up the leftover mash to make potato pancakes.

I had one of these with a couple of slices of organic streaky bacon (done till nice and crisp), an egg and a pot of ginger and lemon tea. I popped it all on a tray and ate it sitting by the fire while watching the snow continue to fall.

At the other end of the day my time saved gave me the opportunity to indulge in a little crafting. I turned this unused cushion cover...

...into a Christmas stocking for my eldest daughter.

I lined it with some purple cotton that I had in my stash and managed to utilise one of the beaded edges of the cushion cover as the top of the stocking so that it has purple beads dangling from the top. This will be just perfect for my dear darling goth!


  1. That stocking is beautiful what a great idea! I made it into work at Gateshead and it was a nightmare we got sent home after lunch but the main roads are clear now. It's a pain this snow but so pretty to watch from indoors. I could fancy swapping places with your cat today ~ it's beautiful I was looking trying to work out which end was wich as it is so fluffy.
    Kandi x

  2. I love Mortimer, he's so fluffy and content.
    Your food looks yummy and that stocking is so glamorous and fabulous. No snow here yet, just the most unbelievably cold weather. xxx

  3. Your Christmas stocking looks beautiful - imagine how much one like that (if you could get it) would cost! Very jealous of your cooked brekkie - I just had 2 slices of toast :( x

  4. Oh my word, you've been busy. Liking those pies very much! I'm also very drawn to that tray that you've pictured! Fab stocking as well.

  5. Perhaps you should try to stay home more often.....

  6. What a gorgeous stocking - lucky daughter :)

  7. Hello over the hill in fffrosty weardale;)
    Absolutely loving your gorgeous photo's this week, thanks for sharing, and thanks for your good wishes too. Wish I had the energy to be so creative!
    pamela xxx

  8. Can you adopt me please? I'll sleep with Mortimer and help you eat all that delicious food...

    The stocking is divine - am v. impressed!


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