Friday, 19 November 2010

Banoffee Curd

I was contacted by hopeeternal recently about a recipe that I posted on the moneysavingexpert forums way back in 2007. She had recently found the recipe, tried it and liked it. Having seen Banoffee curd on sale at a farmers market, I thought of trying to make some myself, yet despite umpteen searches on the net, I couldn't find a recipe. I decided to put my thinking cap on and try to adapt a lemon curd recipe. I substituted dark brown sugar for white, and bananas for lemon and gave it a go. In hopeeternal's words "it is a recipe worth sharing" and she has asked that I post it on my blog so that she can link to it so here it is:

(Thinking about it this would make an excellent Christmas gift.)

Banoffee Curd
10 oz Soft dark brown sugar
2 bananas
2oz butter
2 Free range eggs. beaten.

Mash the bananas with the sugar until a fairly smooth puree is formed. Do this in a heatproof bowl that can be placed over a pan of boiling water. Add the butter chopped into pieces. Place over a pan of simmering water and stir constantly until the butter and sugar are melted. Slowly add the beaten eggs stirring all the time. Continue stirring until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. Note this last step can take a while. Warm a clean jam jar and pour the thickened mixture into the jar. Leave to cool and set then seal. I suspect this will like other curds need to be kept in a fridge and used within one month.


  1. Hello again, I'd seen that request earlier, sounds lovely stuff. I don't use eggs or butter so will have to try a few options, but definitly soon;) Last year about this time I adapted a Banoffee Pie for a family holiday (all of us are vegan) and it has become a special get together treat. Only thing was, it's difficult to keep a large cheesecake undamaged and chilled on a long car journey. So I'm thinking, make a couple of jars of this to use as a sauce for icecream or scone topping. Thanks for the inspiration:)

    pamela x
    (having a day-on-the-couch-too-tired-to-do-much kind of day!)

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful. Keeps for amonth, you say? I could make that now and scoff the lot when I get back from Goa, it would make me feel a whole lot happier. xxx

  3. That sounds lovely and would make a change to lemon curd. Thank you :0) x

  4. Sounds great, thanks for recipe! :) x

  5. Thanks for posting this. Not quite sure when I will post my own version, but when I do I will link to you and you should get a ping-back.

    I used the juice of half a small lemon to counteract the sweetness and the lemon and light rather than dark brown sugar helped to keep the banana pale. I shall be making a double quantity next time!

    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  6. this sounds so scrummy. i will have to have a go at making it.
    thanks for the comment on my blog, your right i thinj the older he gets the worse he gets.He is a very loving very funny young man but his dose drive me mad and i do love him to bits.
    Harry potter was great, i have to go and see it again with hubby when he gets home. he is in India working at the moment. angiexx

  7. Thank you so much for adding the link to my give-away! 2 entries for you! What an unusual recipe this is. Not being from England originally I have never tried the lemon curd, maybe I will give both a go!

  8. Ooh I dI'idn't realise you were an MSE girl!! That recipe looks lovely and easy - might try it out for some pals (not for me though, I don't like bananas in any form other than fresh).

    I do love lemon curd though, but I've never made it for myself due to the milk allergy. Do you think dairy free marg would work instead, or would it do funny things to the consistency?

  9. I just had a go - yummy. I made it in the microwave - beat the eggs, sugar and bananas, add chopped butter, cook on full power for a minute at a time until the coat the back of a metal spoon consistency is achieved. So easy!


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