Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The number of times I've wanted to come back...

...you wouldn't believe it!

There has never been:
  • The right time - (whatever or whenever that may be!)
  • Anything to say
  • Enough time - (though you'd think wouldn't you that if I had nothing to say I'd maybe have time to say it in, or conversely that if I had no time there's something going on that I could say!)
  • The energy!!! 
  • The confidence that what I have to say might in any way interest anyone.
And in that last sentence perhaps lies more than a grain of truth. 

Upon reflection however, I have on several occasions, perused my older blog postings and they have provided me with some lovely reminders of times that I might otherwise have forgotten. An online photo diary of the often trivial but nonetheless happy interludes in my life. Re-reading them made me smile and reminded me of happy times. Though sometimes posts were less positive and these reminders were sad, the supportive comments I received on these posts were uplifting. 

I think what I'm trying to say is that even if  no one else ever read my blog other than myself there would be an intrinsic value in it's continuation.
I think the time has come...
to resume at last!


  1. Welcome back Linda - I never forgot you.
    I took quite a time away from it last year whilst I was approaching and preparing for my wedding. But, I seem to have found my way back, I still have a passion to share my thoughts and wonderings.
    On reflection my blog is a journal - something that documents my life and something I can treasure. I have always written from my heart and I know one day I will revisit older posts and be grateful I documented my life at this point. It's sometimes hard reading some of my less positive posts too - in some ways I am a completely different person to who I once was.
    But nonetheless, blogging is very much a wonderful opportunity to share, be creative and connect with amazing people x x x

    1. Thank you Alice for your very kind words. I have continued to follow your blog and it has been wonderful to see you transform into a more confident person who is now much more comfortable and accepting of herself. You have always been an inspiring, amazing and attractive person and I know that blogging has helped you along the journey to seeing that for yourself. xxx

  2. I have to say I have been very much the same! I've 'vacated' my blog for such a long time now. Hope you settle into your return and welcome back!

  3. I have returned to blogging, I will be reading your blog x


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