Friday, 25 July 2014

Low Fat- Low Sugar Iced Cappuccino - Look no Syns!!

Summer is well and truly upon us, and isn't it glorious this year?

Cool drinks are an essential in this beautiful hot weather not only to cool  us down but to keep us hydrated. I don't know about you, but I still need my little coffee fix now and again though hot coffee isn't so appealing when the sun is shining. 

Enter the iced coffee!  

When I saw the Mullerlight yogurt in Skinny Cappuccino flavour, with dark chocolate bits, my immediate thought was "Oooh iced coffee!"  So having purchased a couple I set about experimenting.

I didn't want to use up any syns or healthy extras (those familiar with Slimming World will understand what I mean here) so with the thought that the Indian yogurt drink lassi is made by diluting yogurt with water I decided to try that first. I tipped the yogurt into a jug and added an equal quantity of water and a small handful of ice cubes. I blended using my stick blender then tasted. 

I often find the Mullerlight yogurts too sweet for my taste and this was definitely the case here - it tasted overly sweet with only a hint of the coffee flavour that I wanted. I tried adding a teaspoon of instant coffee and re-blended. 

Mmmm, better, but still the balance between coffee and sweetness was not quite right. 

Another teaspoon of coffee added ...

Just right.

Syn Free Low Fat Low Sugar Iced Cappuccino.

I 165g tub of Mullerlight Skinny Cappucino Yogurt
Use the empty tub to measure an equal volume of water
A handful of Ice Cubes
2 teaspoons of Instant Coffee

Blend together with a stick blender - serve!


  1. I will definitely be having a go at this one!


  2. I loved this in Greece a few years ago - I'll definitely give your recipe a go. x

  3. Hi Linda - I have just found out that I am your Autumn Swap person! I am absolutely thrilled, you were my first ever swap partner back in 2011, and certainly set the standard very high!

    I am looking around for things you will hopefully like, will be back in touch soon, Helenxx


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