Thursday, 29 May 2014

Use it!

Can I ask you a question? 

Do you use your vintage wares?

I use this and it's matching coffee and tea counterparts on a daily basis.

I ask you this because earlier this week I narrowly prevented my dear hubby from buying me a very expensive present.

Now yes, I can hear you laughing and thinking, "Why on earth would you prevent your husband buying you an expensive gift?"

The answer to that lies in the nature of the gift itself. He had shown me a very beautiful set of silver Art Nouveau buttons on Ebay and asked if I liked them. I answered honestly saying that they were very beautiful. 

The next day, on my return from food shopping, he was sitting at the computer and said "You did like these buttons, didn't you" 
"Yes." was my simple reply.
"Oh good, because I've bid on them."
I think at this point my face rather dropped, "How much?" I asked.
"£105." He replied.

"How much!!!!"

Well after picking myself up off  the floor his face did begin to look a little crestfallen. 
"Don't you want them?"

Well no, I didn't and certainly not at that price. Beautiful though the buttons were, they were buttons! I would never dare to use them at that price, so as they weren't usable, I most definitely didn't want them at any price. I explained this as gently as I could, but I could see he felt more than a little hurt by my reaction, but it's not as if we are rolling in money and to be honest we urgently need far more practical things, like a new kitchen. (Ours is ancient and dropping to bits!). 

He did see my point of view and crossed his fingers that he would be outbid, which thankfully he was with 5 seconds to go!

This brings me back to my initial question.

I love vintage homewares, but I see no point in them if I can't use them. 

I love old Durham Quilts and vintage cotton sheets and pillowcases, but they get used.

 I love vintage china and tea trays, but they get used.

I love vintage objects for the home, but I like to display and use them.

So over to you. Do you like your vintage items to have a practical use? Do you use your vintage wares?


  1. Yes I use my vintage wares also, especially my Midwinter ceramics. I don't put them in the dishwasher though, as I'm not sure if they would stand up to it!


  2. Dear Linda
    Absolutely - it's what they were designed for! We are going through a bit of a 'do we really need or want this?' phase at the moment and although we collected things in the past and they have been put away, what is the point of having them if they can't be seen or aren't being used? Better to sell them or donate them and let someone else have the enjoyment...however, it has taken me quite some time to get round to that way of thinking! The only time I wouldn't use something is if it was extremely precious or valuable but I would still want to enjoy it by looking at it, not have it hidden away.
    Best wishes

  3. Yes -I use my wedding present crockery much more now than I did 35 years ago - and only one bowl has got broken in all that time, I love my vintage Pyrex [although it cannot go in the d/w as the patterns wash away] My EPNS jam spoons and sugar sifter are often on the meal table - and I sleep with my head on a lovely old pillowcase. Currently I am agonising over greatgrandmama's teacups - still wrapped in newspaper since Nana died in 1976, and passed down through family to me. Nowhere to display them, too delicate to use. Not desperately valuable, should I sell or keep? Your husband is a generous man - but I am glad he was outbid. In years to come, the story of the 'silver buttons we never bought' will be a memory to bring a smile to your faces!! blessings xx

  4. How very sweet that your husband wanted to do that for you, but I'm like you I don't think I would every wanted to use them either.

  5. Absolutely - I've built up my home with a mix of the things i like - some are vintage and some are more modern pieces but everything gets used otherwise there's no space for it. It's the same with the vintage items in my wardrobe!

  6. I do like vintage but I'm afraid with the exception of an old cabinet (former stand up radio now a small cabinet) I don't really have anything else that can be used. So I display them.I do like what you have and it is great you use them too!

    1. I do have a number of decorative items, but that is their purpose. It was just that with buttons? Well I thought they'd be difficult to display and besides my dear hubby has just about filled every available surface with such displayed items, no objection from me to that, we tend to like much the same things. Problem is that we are now reaching saturation point, I think we need to implement a one in one out policy to keep things under control!

  7. Oh god yeah! Surround yourself with things you love and USE them! I'd have been shocked at that amount of money too. I'm salivating over your quilts! You must not have cats with muddy little paws! xxx

  8. Yes, I totally agree with you. They must have a purpose and be used otherwise what is the point in them other to box them away when someone else would be looking out for them. There are things in my house where they are put on shelves and it breaks my heart that they are no longer used like my grandparents would have, but that is sentimental value. A great post to really open up thoughts. Have a wonderful week xx

  9. What a lovely husband you have.
    Yes, vintage all the way - homewares, camping stuff, clothes, accessories. Its all used and loved and worn. xxx

  10. This is a topic that's near to my heart... Thank you!

    Where are your contact details though?


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