Sunday, 19 September 2010

Back in Time with the War on the Line

This weekend The Weardale  Railway held their annual 1940's event "War on the Line"

Most of the event takes place on a show field behind the railway station in Stanhope, though they also have some re-enactments taking place at the stations in Stanhope and my home village Frosterley.

Hence why our little village rang with the sound of rifle and machine gun fire as I walked to the shop this morning!

Yesterday though we went along to the main event at Stanhope Railway Station. It really did feel like we had stepped back into a bygone era, with 1940's music playing over the tannoy system and many visitors in 1940's costumes.

(Excuse the following photo's they are a bit fuzzy as our camera has decided to play up and I had to use the camera on Dave's phone)

There were lots of displays put on by various ww2 re-enactment societies:

The home front - complete with Union Jack bunting.

One of the military camps.

Another military camp.

The best bit for me though was the fashion parade by the ladies in 1940's outfits.

It's a shame the photo hasn't come out better - some of these outfits were stunning, especially one which  unfortunately I didn't get a picture of, where the wearer had made a pair of stunning red wide leg trousers herself using an original 1940's pattern and had also knitted a lovely white top with blue stripes also from an original 1940's pattern.

There were one or two stalls as well ... this one selling original 1940's hats.

There was also a stall selling vintage clothes and household items, I bought this ...

A Bakelite sugar canister - all I need to do now is find tea and coffee canisters that complement it better than the cream coloured tin ones I have at the moment :-D


  1. That looks amazing, I'd love to go to something like that. I'd be trying all those fabulous hats on like a woman posessed. xxx

  2. What a lovely day out. The fashion show looks very interesting, glad you have a good time ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Sounds like a fantastic day out! I would ahve been a little nervous of the rifle fire though! :) x


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